About us

Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC was founded in 1998 focused primarily on research and development and several re-incarnations of products.

There has been a great deal of secrecy surrounding the FRP industry in the past. Fortress Stabilization Systems brought a unique perspective to the field because the co-founders came from very different backgrounds and industries: the construction industry and the high-end composite industry.

As a result, Fortress Stabilization Systems bridged the gap between two very different fields and business models. In the composite industry, which includes marine, auto, and robotics, specialty composite parts must be perfect and of the highest quality. On the other hand, the construction industry has always functioned with the motto of low bid and how fast can job be completed. Fortress Stabilization Systems had the foresight, entrepreneurship, and wisdom to successfully merge the apparently opposing industry functions.

The goal of Fortress Stabilization Systems has been and remains, the combination of these variables in our product lines to create quality products that deliver performance unsurpassed in the Construction industry.
Fortress Stabilization has developed various Fiber reinforced polymer systems utilizing preprag and peel-ply technologies that include grid straps, pre-prag pre-cured peel-ply plates, L-brackets, Carbon/Kevlar staples, corner bracing, T-anchors, Kevlar Neckties for wall supports and hurricane anchors. And more.

Due to its high strength to weight ratio, FRPs are used in bridges, columns, concrete beams, bowed basement walls, poured in place and precast concrete for maximum crack control and to restore structural integrity. FRP grids are also being produced in rods and in welded wire applications for precast concrete where corrosion is an issue. FRPs are also being used as waterproofing membranes.

Fortress Stabilization Systems is rapidly growing and ever-increasing the application of its products to new innovative ideas and functions.